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AKG Industries caters the plastic packaging needs of specific industries where filling temperatures exclude the use of PET (above 95°C, and up to 121°C for retort packages). We manufacture, export and supply a unique range of PP Preforms in Delhi NCR. There is increasing interest in using multi-layer PP containers worldwide in commercial applications as an alternative to glass. We use high-end technology, that features the use of polypropylene with a ‘compatibilizer’ to strengthen the container’s properties and prevent de-lamination. In addition to the numerous benefits that this technology provides, including glass-like clarity, lightweight and unbreakable packaging and long shelf life, the manufactured PP (polypropylene) Preforms are known for their lower carbon footprint as compared to glass. Reasons for this include the fact that it takes less energy to produce the plastic container than glass, plus the resulting lightweight package is much easier and cheaper to transport – an even more significant issue with today’s rising overall costs.

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